Eivind Hjertnes


06.07.2019 10:39

The reason I want to do a lot of stuff in emacs that seems dumb to most people, like reading email or the two rabbit holes I just went into: browsing the web and reading rss is simple:

  • Emacs is this weird computing platform that happens to mostly be used to text editing.
  • When you get used to it you get really good at managing a lot of different things/buffers
  • Everything else feels weird and clumsy when you get used to emacs.
  • I have even moved most of my terminal stuff to emacs.


06.07.2019 09:32

I’ve been adding a lot of emacs pages to my [[https://wiki.hjertnes.blog][lately]]


05.07.2019 18:23

Two Headed Girl

Welcome to Two Headed Girl, a new show about gender, mental illness, and all sorts of transitions made by a couple of married weirdos trying to figure themselves out.

The first podcast I’m excited about un a long time


01.07.2019 20:03

I’d be perfectly happy by dying without being exposed to something called the Kardashian’s. And I though the Osborne’s was the dumbest to ever be sent on tv


01.07.2019 10:47


28.06.2019 05:43

I’m interested in seeing if the power dynamics between design and the rest of Apple will change affer Ive


25.06.2019 20:20

Every subscription service should have a retry now / renew now button.


24.06.2019 17:07

Yay! Thanks @burk E4EC91B9-6450-40E1-8E94-18B88FB44A4F.jpg


24.06.2019 06:19

You need to use something else than Chrome if you care about a independent web: Why you need to give Firefox a chance - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻


21.06.2019 21:05

I’m not as negative, after they replaced most of the hardware in my MacBook and it came with one of the newer versions of the keyboard. It’s not great, but more less as good as most laptop keyboards. And if they fix the reliability issues with them I’d not classify them as useless.

There are more “feedback” when you type and that means it feels better. But the main thing I notice is that it works better for me. With the old ones I had a lot of issues with the shift key not reliably registering. It’s not a faulty hardware thing but more that the hardware don’t work with where and how hard I pressed down.