• When your better half are using a Qi charger like this 😑

  • When I complain about Windows (and a lot of other stuff) it doesn’t mean it’s bad, just that I don’t like it.

  • Because at least one person enjoyed my post about missing my Mac at work, I’m going to write about the things I think works better on my Mac, and why.

    Managing network settings. This is not easy on any operating system, and I don’t think most users will understand more than picking the correct WiFi network.

    When I open it on my Mac it’s fairly simple and one button and I can see everything I’d ever need to fix or debug something. In windows on the other hand I’m met with this wall of stuff, where it looks like some comité have tried to make it less technical without making it better for anyone.

    Unless you can make it easier for someone, don’t make stuff less technical just because someone told you to do that.

  • My first MacBook Escape

  • I’ll write more about this at some point. But some thoughts about Powershell after being “forced” to use it at work. It is great for writing powerful scripts like a normal program. Makes a lot more sense in this regard than most shells. But I think it’s horrible as a shell.

  • I think Facebook just proved Senator Warren’s point

  • I just deleted my lightroom catalog

  • I feel a lot better after not listening to any tech podcasts

  • My mum had to let our family dog of 11 years go yesterday.

    Tom Waits didn’t want to grow up, Nemi never did.

  • Peter Porker 😂

  • Testing out a new lightning to headphone dongle; the one from belkin with a mini jack and a lightning port for charging. I prefer it to the apple one, even though it’s a lot larger, the main thing for me is the charging, but also that the cable isn’t so thin that it can break at any point

  • After eight years of consuming all the podcasts I could find, I’ve deleted almost all of my subscriptions, and I enjoy primarily listening to other stuff like music and audiobooks; and spending more time watching movies and shows.

  • Twitter waited for too long and they don’t have a Churchill among their friends

  • The only things in redux you have to use is at least one reducer and pass it or them (with combine reducers) to createStore. How you subscribe, what to and how you pass events is up to you

  • Because of how much easier it is to manage a lot of projects in Emacs than anything else one of my goals of 2019 is to get into a workflow of using it as much as possible at work.

  • I’m going to try to not use Visual Studio at all at least until the end of the month and maybe longer if it works out.

  • When you realize you’re wearing a DF t-shirt and a DF hoodie

  • Me: What? Are there a Tinder app for the AppleTV? Ingri: What the ….?

  • There are many reasons to why I think Rider is a lot better than Visual Studio; like it starting much faster, being faster in general on most larger projects. But the killer feature is the C# REPL.

  • When you have to watch what’s going on, but too lazy

  • Quiche aka Chicago style pizza

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