• For all the C# fans who prefer to use OSX out there (probably just me and @furstenberg): the latest version of Rider supports generating test coverage on Linux and OS X.

  • How long will Tumblr last?

  • I think I’m beyond the point of no return with emacs

  • Watching the emoji movie and I love it

  • ’sodes by Nice Boy LLC

    The Netflix and chill of podcast apps?

  • Started tracking sleep again, turns out I sleep surprisingly little

  • I’d love a watch face on my Apple Watch that was just a grid of apps

  • The Boeing disaster shows you what happens when you try to do something that usually takes at least a certain amount of time and push people really hard from a position of power to do it in a fraction of that time.

    I’ve seen the same thing so many times in software projects, the consequences can’t be compared, but still shortcuts always bites you in the ass or blows up under you

  • As a former coffee snob it really drives me nuts and takes all of the self control in the world to not start a rant when people talk about how excellent French press coffee is

  • I was reading Elements of Clojure by Zachary Tellman [Leanpub PDF/iPad/Kindle] for the fifth time or something last night. It’s a great book, and I think everyone doing any kind of coding should read it. But every time I get annoyed when I read someone write about really influential philosophers like Frege or Wittgenstein as some logician or philosopher

  • I just read this: Learn perl6 in Y Minutes. And I think there are some interesting ideas in Perl 6. I see a lot of lisp and clojure in everything but syntax here. For everyone wondering why I care about this, the influence Perl had is hard to explain.

  • I think everyone not watching Game of thrones at work, here in Europe broke HBO

  • Mario + Rabbids is one weird game

  • Started a five year journal today.

  • Ingri: What band is that supposed to be? (Watching a ad for The Dirt) Me: Mötley Crue Ingri: Who? Me: What?! You don’t know who Mötley Crue is?!

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