Eivind Hjertnes

07.06.2019 20:11

I did something radical about an hour ago, I took off my Apple Watch and put it away, before I found my old Seiko Quartz watch (featuring Saphire glass and titanium body; making it super light and scratch resistant), spent like 5 minutes fixing the date and the time before I put it on.

This might last a long time or not so much, only time can tell.

But the reason I did this is because at this point I see no value in using a Apple Watch, except for telling the time. And my Seiko can do that perfectly fine wihtout having to charge it.

In the past the Apple Watch had a very important role in motivating me to move more etc. But at this point not so much. It just collects data that I don’t use for anything. I’ve been feeling that I have been leaning a lot more on the health stuff as a proof of me doing good, rather than it enabling me to do more.

I’m not sure where this will go, but one of goals this year is to do all the heavy lifting to eventually get healthy. Getting into a solid yoga routine is one part of it, another part is to get a better relationship to food and eat better. But I probably don’t need to move more, if I can fix the two other things. *