Eivind Hjertnes

06.06.2019 18:34

I have written some version of this many times: Micro.blog have broken social media for me. I find it all very stressful and not enjoyable in any way. All the same feelings come up no matter if I check out Twitter or something like Mastadon. But I decided to take a look at Pixelfed, and that was the same infuriating experience that all federated social stuff are.

You go to their website, it looks good, then you click to join, and have to decide what list of servers you want to check out. Then you meet a ugly table with no context at all where you only see some domain and how many users. Without any more information. I just scrolled up and down until I found what looked like the offical one, clicked on that and new registrations was closed.

Then I rage quit and told myself I’d never take a look at any federated social network again.

I don’t think mastadon or any of that junk is that different from twitter. All the same problems are there. It is all instant. While Micro.blog is based on RSS, that means that it will be slower than anything that writes to an database that again are streamed out to clients. Becuase something has to crawl the feeds every X, and parse them etc. I think this slowness is what makes Micro.blog unique, in addition to everything is a proper blog. This slowness serves as cooldown mechanism. You don’t see the kind of super rapid stream of messages I’ve seen on all other social networks.