When you are about to watch endgame and a trailer for a future marvel movie spoil the movie you’re about to watch 😂🤦‍♀️

Been coding C# in emacs all day, and I’m perfectly happy with it after some recent discoveries like fix-usings

I was poking around in omnisharp-emacs an hour or so ago, and found something interesting: M-x omnisharp-fix-usings. Omnisharp-emacs is a emacs package that enable you to do real .NET Core development using emacs (it might work with framework too, I’m not sure). It has code completion, shows warnings etc. Kind of like an IDE. It uses the same backend (omnisharp-roslyn) as VS Code, and most other editors use.

What the fix-usings function does is that it removes unused usings (import statements) and adds missing ones. This might be the last thing missing for me to do closer to everything in emacs at work. There will still be stuff, like legacy code bases or debugging. But I’m getting there

WWDC is around the corner and I don’t give a shit

ace-window is my current favourite newish emacs packages

There have been a lot of postive reviews and talk about Reeder 4 lately. And I do not like it. I prefer Unread and if that would not be an option I’d prefer something that looks a little bit less designed like ReadKit.

Updated my now page yesterday. now

The newest member of the family: Molly

New travel mug

Just inked up my Pilot Metal Falcon. Pens with flexible or really soft nibs are awesome.

The most annoying thing about books with bible in the title is blog posts with way too good seo about what the Bible has to say about the subject shows up before amazon

What the fuck is a influencer?

It really bothers me when people write MarkDown or SquareSpace

I think Microsoft just killed .NET Framework 🥳

I can’t believe my dumb comment about the expanse is still on the front page of MB

When I see people comparing Go and Java or .NET I think they’re missing the point. Yes you can write faster services in Go if you really know what you’re doing. I think most developers will get better results from .NET or Java because it’s more forgiving. But that forgiveness has its cost in pure performance if you have the time and skills to take advantage of that

It’s weird how different it is to change inks in fountain pens, some are really easy while others take a really long time before the new inks look right

Sed is very powerful but really weird when you’re used to modern regular expressions

For all the C# fans who prefer to use OSX out there (probably just me and @furstenberg): the latest version of Rider supports generating test coverage on Linux and OS X.