I’m buying no matter what it is , if Firefox launches a premium service. It’s a great thing for the internet to make sure Mozilla are sustainable without income from those assholes in Mountain View

Handed in my MacBook Escape for repair a week and a half ago on what looked like a drive problem, the result is that everything inside it will be replaced for free and I get to keep my stickers this time.

Apple got to have lost a good chunk of money on this purchase. I’ve already gotten a replacement unit back in early 2017 a few months after I bought it. And now they replace everything except the chassis and screen.

If you want great performance, you need the skill and patience to do it right, but there is no way to get arround that fact that you need to work with your database directly and redis directly. This is one the other hand the kind of performance that doesn’t matter that much in most situations

After taking a pause from the Apple Watch, I’ve only come across one thing that I really miss: being able to control playback from my watch. I should just get used to doing it from my DAC

It’s so weird when humans have what I consider to be a dog name

I did something radical about an hour ago, I took off my Apple Watch and put it away, before I found my old Seiko Quartz watch (featuring Saphire glass and titanium body; making it super light and scratch resistant), spent like 5 minutes fixing the date and the time before I put it on.

This might last a long time or not so much, only time can tell.

But the reason I did this is because at this point I see no value in using a Apple Watch, except for telling the time. And my Seiko can do that perfectly fine wihtout having to charge it.

In the past the Apple Watch had a very important role in motivating me to move more etc. But at this point not so much. It just collects data that I don’t use for anything. I’ve been feeling that I have been leaning a lot more on the health stuff as a proof of me doing good, rather than it enabling me to do more.

I’m not sure where this will go, but one of goals this year is to do all the heavy lifting to eventually get healthy. Getting into a solid yoga routine is one part of it, another part is to get a better relationship to food and eat better. But I probably don’t need to move more, if I can fix the two other things. *

New episode of Hardcore History Addendum today

This is where I first heard about Dr. John: Dr. John - Such a Night - YouTube, the first of too many times to count I watched The Last Waltz

I have written some version of this many times: Micro.blog have broken social media for me. I find it all very stressful and not enjoyable in any way. All the same feelings come up no matter if I check out Twitter or something like Mastadon. But I decided to take a look at Pixelfed, and that was the same infuriating experience that all federated social stuff are.

You go to their website, it looks good, then you click to join, and have to decide what list of servers you want to check out. Then you meet a ugly table with no context at all where you only see some domain and how many users. Without any more information. I just scrolled up and down until I found what looked like the offical one, clicked on that and new registrations was closed.

Then I rage quit and told myself I’d never take a look at any federated social network again.

I don’t think mastadon or any of that junk is that different from twitter. All the same problems are there. It is all instant. While Micro.blog is based on RSS, that means that it will be slower than anything that writes to an database that again are streamed out to clients. Becuase something has to crawl the feeds every X, and parse them etc. I think this slowness is what makes Micro.blog unique, in addition to everything is a proper blog. This slowness serves as cooldown mechanism. You don’t see the kind of super rapid stream of messages I’ve seen on all other social networks.

I did a full review of my 1Password database today. Deleted some old stuff, changed some duplicate passwords, updated some compromised passwords and added two factor authentication to all the stuff 1Password suggested. And I also moved all the work stuff to a seperate vault.

After using 1Password for close to 10 years, I think that the main value today ins’t the password management itself, but rather the analysis they do to show you things you should do differently; like duplicate, weak or compromised password.

SwiftUI looks interesting

What the hell is a “influencer”?

I’ve been re-organizing my homescreen today.

I’m not sure why but those bitcoin/blockchain morons really annoy me

When you are about to watch endgame and a trailer for a future marvel movie spoil the movie you’re about to watch 😂🤦‍♀️

Been coding C# in emacs all day, and I’m perfectly happy with it after some recent discoveries like fix-usings

I was poking around in omnisharp-emacs an hour or so ago, and found something interesting: M-x omnisharp-fix-usings. Omnisharp-emacs is a emacs package that enable you to do real .NET Core development using emacs (it might work with framework too, I’m not sure). It has code completion, shows warnings etc. Kind of like an IDE. It uses the same backend (omnisharp-roslyn) as VS Code, and most other editors use.

What the fix-usings function does is that it removes unused usings (import statements) and adds missing ones. This might be the last thing missing for me to do closer to everything in emacs at work. There will still be stuff, like legacy code bases or debugging. But I’m getting there

WWDC is around the corner and I don’t give a shit

ace-window is my current favourite newish emacs packages

There have been a lot of postive reviews and talk about Reeder 4 lately. And I do not like it. I prefer Unread and if that would not be an option I’d prefer something that looks a little bit less designed like ReadKit.

Updated my now page yesterday. now